Colorado CPR and First Aid Certifications

First Aid and CPR classes in Denver and the Front Range  


Next Step CPR and Safety Training has been providing BLS, First Aid and CPR classes in Denver and the front range area for over 13 years, with clients ranging from companies like Costco, Asplundh (tree service for XCEL Energy) and the City of Aurora, to community cpr classes with open enrollment. 


Through our years of business we have had the privilege of training 1000's of students in CPR and first aid in Colorado.


Our love for teaching coupled with a thorough knowledge of the material makes for an enjoyable class that is well understood and retained by our students. 


 We have instructors available to teach CPR, First Aid and BLS classes in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and surrounding Front Range areas. 


 We meet all State, Federal, and OSHA requirements for CPR and First Aid training. We offer certification through the American Safety and Health Institute and the American Heart Association



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Why should I get trained in CPR and First Aid?

While the answer may seem obvious, it is essential that we have a realistic look at what we gain by being trained in CPR and First Aid.


The average response time for emergencies in urban areas is about 11 minutes. Denver is no exception to that time. See Denver response time


When you combine that number with the fact that the average adult will expereince brain death within 6-8 minutes from the moment of a cardiac arrest and a person can bleed to death within 5 minutes from an arterial injury it becomes more apparent for the need for lay responder training. 


Throw in the complications of having limited phone reception in mountain and rural areas the need for cpr and first aid classes in Denver and Colorado in general increases exponentially. Even with phone reception in mountain and rural areas of Colorado, the response time can be very delayed


Through education and quick response to emergencies, we can drastically increase survival rates for those who experience medical and injury emergencies. When going into an emergency in Denver, CPR training will gain you valuable time while waiting for advanced response.


Even if you have been trained in the past, those skills need to be refreshed. It is easy to forget critical componets involved in cpr and first aid. When you combine that with our emotions and lack of expereince with real emergencies, that training you had 5 years ago will feel like decades.


Do not add to the statistics, take a CPR class in Denver now!



Call 720-334-7564 to schedule a class today.


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Next Step CPR and Safety Training is an approved American Heart Association training site located in Denver, Colorado.



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