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Cardiac arrest and heart attack are not the same thing. Cardiac arrest is essentially an electrical problem with the heart, where heart attack is a plumbing problem. Often heart attacks can lead to cardiac arrest but is not the only cause. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime!

Consider these facts:


-Approximately 300,000 people die every year from sudden cardiac arrest


-There is only a 20% bystander response rate to out of hospital emergencies, which means you have an 80% chance of no one helping you in an out of hospital emergency


-With the early usage of an AED survival rates can be 34% and higher. Another way to think of this is that 1 out of every  3 people who expereince sudden cardiac arrest could survive. That would would amount to around 100,000 lives saved per year. 


-The average EMS response time in Colorado is 8-11 minutes, however, the average adult will experience brain death within 4-6 minutes without CPR. This means that we can't rely on the EMS system to take care of the initial emergency. Act quickly and you could save a life.



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