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What is the difference between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest?


   Cardiac arrest and heart attack are not the same thing. Cardiac arrest is essentially an electrical problem with the heart that causes it to stop pumping, where a heart attack is a plumbing problem with a blockage that can prevent blood from going to the heart. Often heart attacks can lead to cardiac arrest but is not the only cause. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime!


How many people die per year from out of hospital cardiac arrest?


   In 2018, there were 356,000 out of hospital cardiac arrest deaths in the US, with about 7000 of those deaths per year in Colorado.


What percentage of the population will assist others in an emergency?


   There is only a 20% bystander response rate to out of hospital emergencies, which means you have an 80% chance of no one helping you in an out of hospital emergency


What is the survival rate when an AED is used?


   With the early usage of an AED survival rates can be 34% and higher. Another way to think of this is that 1 out of every  3 people who expereince sudden cardiac arrest could survive. That would would amount to around 100,000 lives saved per year. 


What is the average EMS response time in Colorado?


   The average EMS response time in Colorado is 8-11 minutes, however, the average adult will experience brain death within 4-6 minutes without CPR. This means that we can't rely on the EMS system to take care of the initial emergency. Act quickly and you could save a life.



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