Why Take a CPR or First Aid Class?

The most obvious reason to take a CPR and/or First Aid class is so that you know how to save a person's life. We often rely on EMS to take care of emergency situations, however, in Colorado the average EMS response time varies between 11 minutes in an urban setting up to 45 minutes in a wilderness setting. 

In the event of cardiac arrest, the average adult only has 4 to 6 minutes from when their heart stops until he/she experiences brain death. In most cases this is considerably sooner than when EMS personnel arrive at the scene. The 4 to 6 minute window of time applies to any situation when the heart is no longer pumping blood to the brain. The time to act is even shorter for children and infants. Unfortunately, we simply cannot rely on EMS personnel to arrive immediately on the scene, but we can take the responsibility upon ourselves to know how to respond in an emergency situation.  Learn CPR and First Aid and have confidence that you are capable of saving a person's life!

With early CPR and early AED survival rates are seen to be between 30%-70% depending on the speed that CPR and AED is administered.


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